J. Kennedy Guitar Repair

Hours/Turnaround times

Drop off hours every Monday 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Any changes to those hours will be posted on the home page

"Hey Justin, what's with your stupid Monday-only hours? Are you dumb or something?"

While the jury is still out on me being dumb, the Monday only thing helps me achieve the goal of keeping turnaround times fast. By limiting all my paperwork and administrative times to a single day I'm able to stack like-jobs during the week, keep operating costs low by ordering parts all at one time, and stay focused on guitars for the majority of my time at work each week. With the non-guitar fixing parts of the job compartmentalized to one time I'm able to spend the rest of of my work week focused on swiftly turning around repairs, while still keeping the quality of service at its highest levels by not having the distractions of paperwork and administration. Paperwork is lame, fixing guitars is awesome. I do my best to stay awesome.

General Turnaround Times
Returning your guitar to you with the highest quality service available in a timely manner is one of our highest priorities. However, due to the sheer number of guitars in the shop for service and an unwavering commitment to only providing high quality repair work turnaround times can vary based on the services required.

For most Small jobs (set up, basic electronics work, small modifications) turnaround time can be up to 14 days, though most are completed much faster than that

For most Medium sized jobs (advanced electronics work, Service requiring parts not on hand, fretwork, light structural repairs, some headstock repairs) turnaround time can be up to 30 days

For some Large jobs (advanced fretwork, custom woodworking/routing/carving, some finish work) turnaround time can be up to 60 days

For jobs requiring services or custom parts from third parties (some finish work, some electronics, custom parts maufacturing, etc.) turnaround times may vary widely.

If faster turnaround, or guaranteed completion dates are required you will be assessed a RUSH FEE based on the size of the job and its required turnaround time. The rush fees are based on the labor of the job and the time of completion required by the customer. Other fees for expedited shipping on parts, or other rush fees imposed by third parties may also be assessed. Return of instruments on weekends (when possible) or other days we are closed to the public will incur additional fees.

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