J. Kennedy Guitar Repair

Repair Rates

All prices are as of 1/1/2017. These prices are estimates and may change at any time. There is never a bench fee to looking over an instrument to estimate costs of repairs.

Basic repairs:

-Restring guitar and tune $10 (strings not included)
-Restring guitar with locking tremolo $15
-Restring 12-string guitars $20
-Truss rod adjustment: free! It only takes a second! (not applicable on vintage style/non-exposed truss rods)
-Tuner replacement set of 6, direct drop in, no modification: $20 (plus cost of strings)
-Tuner replacement, set of 6, w/drilling and/or modification needed: starting at $35, usually no more then $75
-Hipshot D-tuner installation: $15

Set ups:

These set ups are not your typical music store set ups! All set ups include re-stringing, truss rod adjustment for correct neck relief, string height adjustment, fingerboard cleaning and conditioning, Basic fret leveling/reseating in the fingerboard,  basic fret recrowning, check on nut and saddle slots for proper depth (first 2 cuts included), intonation adjustment, electronics checked and cleaned if needed, pick up heights balanced for even response, and a full cleaning & polish. Additionally, the instrument gets a good once-over for other miscellaneous needs. Every set up is tailored to the individual player and there are never any charges for adjustment once the set up is completed. Every set up is guaranteed for 60 days from completion (though typically adjustments are made well past the 60 day mark for free).

-Acoustic guitar: $45
-Nylon string acoustic guitar $60
-Gibson Tune-O-Matic or similar bridge: $60
-Fender Tele style (fixed bridge or hardtail tremolo with individual saddles): $65
-Fender Strat style (floating tremolo bridge, individual saddles) or Bigsby tailpiece: $70
-Floyd Rose, Kahler, or similar locking tremolo bridges: $90
-4-string bass: $60 + $5 for each additional string
Add $10 for non-exposed truss rods (vintage style Fenders)
Add $20 for 12-string guitars
Add $10 for dual truss rod instruments
Add $5 for each string over 6 on any guitar (7 and 8-string guitars. If you play a 9 or 10-string guitar I'll make fun of you for actually wanting to be a bass player but not admitting it, and that's free!)
*nut and/or saddle slotting is an extra charge ($5 each slot)
*PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE STRINGS. I stock D’Addario strings in several gauges, but do not guarantee availability of all sets.

Nut and Saddle replacement:

-Standard nut replacement: $65 (plus material cost, typically $5-$13)
-Earvana Nut Installation: $65 + $39 for Earvana Nut blank
-Bass Nut replacement: $55 (+$5 for each string over 4)
-Custom made nut: $80+ price of nut blank (12-string add $30)
-Standard12-string guitar nut: $90 plus nut material
-re-cut slots on current nut or saddles: $5 per slot
-Acoustic Saddle replacement: $65 plus saddle material blank (add $25 for custom cut compensated saddle)
-Bridge/saddle modification (lowering acoustic guitar action, or shimming saddle) starting at $15, usually maxing out at around $95

*all nut replacements include a light set up including a neck adjustment and string height adjustment. If you would like to add a full set up there would be a $10 discount for doing both services at the same time


-Diagnose electrical problem (problems not immediately diagnosable with free estimate, ie: wiring problems, grounding issues, etc) starting at $15
-Pick up replacement: Direct drop in $35 for 1st pick up, $20 for each additional. (re-string included, however new strings may be required for pick up replacement)
-Repair Disconnected Jack or other internal component $15
-Replace potentiometer (pot) $30 for 1 + $20 for each additional pot replaced at same time + cost of pot(s)
-Cavity shielding: $40-$80 plus shielding material
-Replace output jack: $10-$20 plus cost of jack
-Install push/pull pot $45
-Install mini switch $25, extra if drilling or wood removal is needed
-Install/Replace 3 or 5-way switch: $35-$45 (rotary switches and super switches add $30-$50)
-Custom wiring: countless options available, typically $80-$200 (i.e. Jimmy Page wiring in a Les Paul $145)
-Pre-amp installation (bass): starting at $50 (price varies on amount of wiring/modifications needed for install)
-K&K transducer pick up install: $65 (includes end-pin installation. pick up typically runs $99)
-Routing for new pick up (i.e. a middle pick-up on a 2 pick-up guitar) starting at $50 + Pick-up installation
-Routing for 9 or 18-volt battery compartments: $50 + battery box

*F-hole/semi-hollow body instruments and body or pick-up modifications are subject to an additional charge. *Set-ups at the same time as a pick up swap get a $10 discount

Labor Rates:
-Fret Dress (file, re-crown, polish frets, and full set up on guitar) starting at $150* (see below for details, additional charges)
-Round over/re-shape fret ends: $30
-Full refret on unfinished fingerboard (rosewood, ebony, or similar) $280 (acoustic guitars + $40)
-Full refret on unfinished fingerboard with binding (rosewood, ebony, or similar) $330 (acoustics +$40)
-Full refret on maple board: visual estimate required, typically $280-$400
-Partial refret: $15-$30 for each fret replaced (fingerboard material/finish, binding, location of replaced frets change the individual fret price. Full fret dress is extra)
-Fretted to fretless conversion: $200 (+$75 for fingerboards with binding)
-Fingerboard planing on a fretless bass $100

Material Rates for refrets (fretwire type, shop supplies, tool charges):
-Standard fretwire and shop supplies: $25
-Evo "gold" Fretwire $60  ***THESE FRETS ARE AWESOME!!!***
-Stainless Steel $150

-7-string guitar/5-string bass +$20
-8-string Guitar/6-String bass +$40
-8+ string guitar/6+string bass +$60

*All refrets and fret dressings includes a full set up (see included services above) Strings are NOT included in the price. Tele style bridges add $5, floating Strat style tremolos add $10, and Floyd Rose or other locking bridge systems add $25 for the set up portion of work. Some jobs, such as a refret with taller fret wire, may require a new nut that would be an additional charge. All stated rates are for guitars with slab fingerboards. Veneer fingerboards, or other factors (i.e. back bowed necks, twists, fingerboard humps, excessive fingerboard wear, finish work, advanced fretwork, etc.) may come into play and may also increase the price.

Other Repairs offered (not a full list):

-Headstock repairs: Starting at $60, reaching up to $400 depending on severity of the break and finish work.
-Carbon Fiber reinforced headstock repairs starting at $250
-Replace stripped truss rod nut on MIA Fenders $125 (requires new truss rod nut, walnut plug and light finish work. Set-up is extra, in some instances and new nut may be required as well)
-Repair Broken truss rod nuts on single action rods (standard Gibson, some fenders) $75
-Evertune Bridge Installation, Fender style or similar Flat top instrument: $300-$375 (set up INCLUDED)
-Evertune Bridge Installation, Gibson Style or similar carved top instrument: $350- $425 (Set up INCLUDED)
-Kahler Bridge installation Starting at $125 + set up cost
-Floyd upgrades big block conversion: $15 + set up and cost of block
-Floyd upgrades trem stop install: $10 + trem stopper
-Acoustic bridge replacement: starting at $150
-Repair bridge pin pull out on acoustic guitars: $60-$180
-Body cracks: visual estimate required (Typically $45-$135/ $15 per inch)
-Finish work: visual estimate required (Rate is $50 per hour + finishing supplies)
-Full refinishes starting at $350
-Binding repairs: visual estimate required
-Custom wood working $60 per hour
-Broken Truss rod replacement: visual estimate required

Please inquire about any other repair or custom work you need done. I’d love to serve all your repair & maintenance needs!
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