J. Kennedy Guitar Repair

Repair Rates

All prices are as of 10/1/2018

Calibration & Reset Services

Calibration & Reset services aren’t set-ups, they’re significantly more!

All Calibration & Reset Services include:
-Tuning of your choice
-Truss rod adjustment for correct neck relief
-String height adjustment
-Fingerboard cleaning and conditioning
-Fret leveling/reseating in the fingerboard
-Fret recrowning when needed
-Check on nut and saddle slots for proper depths (first 2 nut and saddle cuts or 1 nut fill included)
-Intonation adjustment
-Electronics checked and cleaned
-Pick up heights balanced for even response
-Full cleaning & polish
-2 loose fret repairs (if needed)
-Nut slots lubricated with Big Bends Nuts Sauce
-Adjustment to neck pitch (where applicable)
-Tremolo balancing on floating bridges

Additionally, the instrument gets a good once-over for all other miscellaneous needs. Every Calibration & Reset is tailored to the individual player and there are never any charges for adjustment once the service is initially completed. Every Calibration & Reset is guaranteed for 60 days from completion (though typically adjustments are made well past the 60 day mark for free). No Calibration & Reset is done until you're completely happy with the way your guitar plays. The only limitations are the laws of physics, which despite our many attempts, we have yet to find ways to break.

Rates Based on Bridge/guitar type:

-Steel-string acoustic: $60
-Standard electric: Gibson Tune-o-matic, Fender Tele style, or similar fixed bridge: $75
-Non-standard electric: Strat style tremolo, Bigsby vibrato, or similar non-double locking tremolo bridges: $80
-Advanced: Floyd Rose, Kahler, or similar locking tremolo bridges, Evertune bridge systems: $100
-4-string bass: $75 + $5 for each additional string

Additional set up considerations:

-$10 for non-exposed truss rods (vintage style Fenders)
-$10 for tied end nylon string guitars
-$15 for 12-string guitars, $25 for Rickenbacker 12-string 
-$10 for dual truss rod instruments
-$5 for each string over 6 on extended range guitars
-$5 for nut and/or saddle slotting each slot after the 2 included with Calibration & Reset
-$7 for each nut fill/recut after first included with Calibration & Reset
-$5 for each loose fret reinstalled after first 2 included with Calibration & Reset
-Excessively dirty guitars, sticker removal, excessively rusted or seized hardware: $10-$40
-$10 to add basic shim to neck pocket, $15 for full pocket shim
-Saddle shaving or correcting non-square saddle on acoustic guitars: $20-$30
-Saddle shimming on acoustic guitars: $10-$30
-Replacement tremolo springs $1.50 each
-Floyd Upgrades or similar big block installation $10

*PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE STRINGS. I stock D’Addario strings in several gauges, but do not guarantee availability of all sets.

*Restringing includes a stringing, basic truss rod adjustment, and Big Bends Nut Sauce application to the nut slots

-standard electric, acoustic, and 4,5, or 6 string bass: $12
-standard 12-string: $25
-Double locking tremolo: $25 (Includes tremolo balancing)
-Floating tremolo bridge restring: $17 (includes tremolo balancing)
-Floating archtop style bridge: $15
-Rickenbacker style 12-string: $35 (includes dual truss rod adjustment)
-Classical guitar (tied string ends): $20
-Mandolin: $20
-Banjo: $15

Basic Maintence:
-Tuner replacement: direct drop in: $15
-Tuner installation with reaming and drilling: $30
-Tuner installation, non-dogear style (Sperzel, Schaller): $45
-Pickguard swap, direct drop in, strat/tele style: $10
-Pickguard install, drill for new mounting screws, strat/tele style: $15
-Strap button dowel and drill replacement: $15 each
-Strap button, remove broken screw, dowel and drill $25 each
-Hipshot D-tuner installation: $15
-Custom pickguards by estimate
-Install Floyd Upgrades Trem-stopper: $5, Trem-stopper part: $20-$25

*prices reflect the cost of labor only when using bone or similar materials. A restring is included in the price as well. 

-Fender style: $80
-Gibson/flat bottom Martin style: $85
-Martin angle bottom: $100
-Earvana Nut Installation (standard shelf style): $75 
-Bass Nut replacement, 4-string Fender style: $75 
-Custom made nut: $100-$150 (many non-fender basses, extended range guitars and basses, some 12-strings)
-Standard 12-string guitar nut:$115
-Banjo: $80
-Mandolin: $100
-Buzz Feiten retrofit (electric guitar) $150

Other nut cost considerations:

-re-cut slots on current nut or Tune-o-matic style bridge saddles: $5 per slot
-Nut blank material, Bone: $5-$15
-Nut blank material, Earvana: $39
-Nut blank material, Graphite: $10-$25
-Nut blank material, Custom Brass: $25-$40
-Nut blank material, pre-made Brass: $15-$30
-Nut blank material, custom Bronze: $20-$50
-Nut blank material, Buzz Feiten electric $30
-difficulties removing old nut $10-$20
-Fill and recut nut slots: $10 each (price with set-up varies)
-Shim existing nut (when applicable): $10, doesn't include reslotting if needed
-Touch up finish on ends of new nut: $20-$40
-Brass nut: add $30-$50
-Shim Floyd Rose or Fender LSR roller nut: $10-$20 (includes shims)
-Lower Floyd Rose nut shelf: $40-$60
-Floating bridge balance with nut installation: $5

*Prices reflect the cost when done with a Calibration & Reset. Extra woodworking may increase costs
Electric bridge swaps
-Tune-o-Matic, Strat hardtail, or similar: $5
-Tune-o-Matic Saddle slotting $30
-Strat style tremolo, Floyd Rose, or similar: $10
-tele style (with bridge mounted pick up): $10
-Bass: BadAss/Omega, Hipshot, Babicz or similar direct drop in: $5

Electric bridge raw installations
-Guitar or bass top mount fender/hardtail style bridges: $45
-Tune-o-matic, or 2 post wraparound style bridges: $55
-Bigsby tailpiece: Gibson or similar install: $35
-Fender Bigsby system on Telecaster $75
-Bigsby on tele, non-fender system, bridge modifications, $75-$135

Route for installation
-Standard tremolo, no existing trem: $175
-Kahler Tremolo (guitar or bass): $135
-Evertune, Tele style $200-$225
-Evertune, Strat style $225-$250
-Evertune, Gibson style $260-$335

Acoustic Bridges

-Replace Saddle, $60 + blank material
-Replace bridge, Martin Style, $150 + bridge material and new saddle
-Replace bridge, custom, starts at $150 + bridge material and new saddle
-Bridge plate graft (fixes ball end damaged on bridge plate) $125 

Electronics (labor only):

Pick Up Installations: Electric
-Standard installations: 1st pick up $45, $15 for each additional pick up done at the same time
-Tele Bridge Pick up, or similar pick up ring/bridge combination $55, $15 for additional PUs
-EMG installations (from passive, with EMG quick connect systems):
-1 pick up, 2 pots, jack, battery: $75, Each additional pick up $15
-Les Paul or similar, 2 pick ups, 4 pots, jack, battery $115
-Strat, or similar, 3 pick ups, 3 pots, EMG quick connect switch, jack, battery $115
-Tele Set, 2 Pick ups, Bridge/Pick up ring combination, EMG quick connect switch, 2 pots, jack, battery $100
-Other active systems (Fishman, Alembic, Seymour Duncan Blackouts) price similarly, though may vary based
  on their complexity of installation
-Hollowbodys add $25-$60 depending on complexity of installation
-Sustainiac installation: Starts at $100
-Pick up rewinding starting at $100 (includes uninstall and re-install)
-Route body for new pick up, flattop/fender style: add $65, $35 for each additional at the same time
-Route body for new pick up archtop/carved top/Les Paul Style, $90, $50 for each additional at the same time
-Wire pick up to existing push/pull or mini switch: $5 each 
-Drill and run bridge ground wire when converting to passive from active PUs $15-$25

*Some pick up installs may require a restring

Pick Up Installations: acoustic
-Soundhole Pick up, acoustic, includes drilling endpin jack, trimming wire, and internal wire hold downs: $55
-Install K&K pure mini Pickup, steel string acoustic, drilling endpin jack, adhesive, internal wire hold downs: $75
-Install K&K Trinity pick up system, endpin jack, adhesive, internal wire hold downs:$95
-Install K&K Pick up, Nylon string acoustic, includes drilling endpin jack, adhesive, internal wire hold downs: $80
-Install K&K Pick up, mandolin or banjo, includes endpin jack installation, adhesive $75
-Undersaddle ribbon piezo pick up (or similar) installation $85 (includes saddle shave, basic wiring)
-LR Baggs Anthem system, includes piezo undersaddle, bridge mic, endpin jack $125
-LR Baggs Lyric system, includues bridge mic, endpin jack, internal wire hold downs: $90
-Wire secondary pick up to output jack: $15
-Splice new PU into existing pre-amp: $15-$25

Pots, switches, general electronics
-Diagnose electrical issue bench fee: $20
-Repair disconnected component or jack: $15
-Replace jack $15-$25
-Replace potentiometer (pot) $30, $25 for each additional replaced at the same time
-Install Push/pull or push/push pot $45, $30 for each additional installed at the same time
-Install mini-switch $30, drilling or cavity wood removal may add additional costs
-Replace Les Paul Style switch $40
-Replace Tele Style switch $45
-Replace Strat style switch: $50
-Replace super switch, super 5-way, 5-way rotary, 6-way rotary: $65-$85
-Total rewire: Starting at $100
-Shield cavities with copper foil $20-$70
-Pre-amp installations (guitar and bass): Starting at $75
-Routing and installation of 9 or 18-volt battery compartment $65 (battery boxes extra)
*Hollowbody guitars may add $20-$80 depending on complexity of work being performed


Full Refrets:

As with many of our services, we do more than just pull and replace your frets when doing a refret. Full refrets include a resurfacing of the fingerboard to proper level (even more precisely done than many factories), repair to any damaged fret slots, nut removal and reuse (when applicable), and full Calibration and Reset service (which includes a full traditional set up). Strat style tremolos add $10 to the price, Floyd Rose style bridges add $30.

-Full refret on unfinished dark wood fingerboards $300 (acoustic guitars +$25)
-Full refret on unfinished dark wood fingerboards with binding $350 (acoustic guitars +$25)
-Full refret on maple fingerboards: visual estimate required. Typically $250-$450 depending on finish work needed)

   Material Rates for full refrets (fretwire type, shop supplies, tool charges):
   -Standard nickle-steel frets $25
   -Evo "gold" frets $50 (our favorite frets)
   -Stainless steel frets $100
   -7-string guitar/5-string bass +$25
   -8-string guitar/6-string bass +$35
   -6-string bass and very extendend range guitars +$45

*Some refrets, such as a refret with taller fretwire, may require a new nut that would be an additional charge (see nut replacement rates above). Other factors, such as veneer fingerboards, fingerboard humps, excessive fingerboard wear, finish work, damaged fret slots from previous refrets, or other advanced fretwork may also increase the price

Other fretwork Labor Rates:
-Fret Dress (level, re-crown, polish, and Calibration & Reset) $150 (Strat style tremolo Adds $10, Floyd Rose +$30)
-Round over/re-shape fret ends (aka Hot-dogging fret ends): $40
-Partial refret: $20-$30 for each fret replaced (fingerboard material/finish, binding, location of replaced frets change the individual fret price. Full fret dress is extra and may be required)
-Fretted to fretless conversion: $200 (+$75 for fingerboards with binding)
-Fingerboard planing on a fretless bass $120
-High density hand rubbed oil finish on Fretless fingerboard: $50
-Epoxy finish on fretless fingerboard: $125-$150
-Some 7.5" radius fingerboards add $40
-Glue in loose fret: $10 for 1, $5 for each additional repaired at same time

Other Repairs offered (not a full list):

Necks and Headstocks
-Headstock repairs: Starting at $75, reaching up to $400 depending on severity of the break and finish work.
-Carbon Fiber reinforced headstock repairs starting at $250, lifetime warranty 
-Heat treatments to correct neck issues: starting at $50
-Replace stripped truss rod nut on MIA Fenders $150 (requires new truss rod nut, walnut plug and light finish work.    Calibration and Reset is extra, in some instances and new nut may be required as well)
-Mount neck, no drilling: $10 with set up, other services extra
-Mount neck with drilling: $30 with set up
-Dowel and drill stripped neck mounting hole: $25 for first hole repair, $15 for each additional done at same time
-Repair Broken truss rod nuts on single action rods (standard Gibson, some fenders) $85
-Broken truss rod: visual estimate required
-Acoustic Neck reset: standard Martin style narrow heel: $375
-Acoustic Neck reset: Gibson and Guild style wide heel: $450
*New Saddles, bridges, and/or nuts are not included in the price of neck resets

-Body cracks: visual estimate required (Typically $50-$150/ approximately $15 per inch)
-Reglue loose binding on acoustic guitar body $150 per side, includes little to no finish work. Addition finish work may be required
-Other binding repairs: visual estimate required
-Finish work: visual estimate required (Rate is $50 per hour + finishing supplies)
-Buff out finish: starting at $50
-Full refinishes starting at $350
-Custom wood working $60 per hour

Please inquire about any other repair or custom work you need done. I’d love to serve all your repair & maintenance needs!
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